Roof outlet for fillet

Install your roof outlet on top of the fillet!

It is no longer necessary to break the 45° transition between roof surface and parapet when you install a horisontal roof outlet in the parapet.

JUAL has developed a horizontal roof outlet in stainless steel that is installed on top of the 45° fillet / cant strip which is sometimes installed in the corner between the roof surface and the parapet.

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Round vents in aluminium!

Adjustable, round ventilation cowls are now available in black painted aluminium.

JUAL has developed a ventilation cowl in strong, durable aluminium for pitched roofs with inclination between 10° and 48°.

The vents are available for installation on bitumen or on corrugated roofing sheets.

Vent for bitumen    

Flashing in aluminium!

10-48° adjustable flashing in black painted aluminium for gas and oil flues.

Like the new aluminium vents these flashings come with either a perforated flange for installation on bitumen roofing or with shapeable flashing material for installation on corrugated roofing.

Flashing for corrugated sheet