Balcony Leaf Grate

JUAL Balcony Leaf Grate is a low leaf grate in stainless steel, that can be fastened in the roof outlet. The grate consists of a perforated and arched plate with a diameter of ø130 mm and a height of only 11 mm. It has rubber coated legs for fastening in the roof outlet.

The balcony leaf grate is used in roof outlets or drain pipes on balconies or terraces, below tiles, or in other places where a leaf grate with low build-in height is desired. Tools are required for installation.

The legs for fastening are 93 mm tall which makes the Balcony Leaf Grate unsuitable for installation in ø50 and ø63 Angular Roof Outlets.
Stainless steel AISI 304. The legs have a rubber coating.