Angular Roof Outlet

The design of JUAL angular roof outlet is similar to the vertical roof outlet, but the pipe has a 92° angle immediately after the intlet so water is drained horizontally from the roof. The angular roof outlet can be supplied in all standard diametres from 50 mm to 110 mm with various roof membrane types.

The JUAL angular outlet is used on flat roofs with bitumen or foil membranes where a vertical drainage point must be connected to a horizontal drain pipe. The outlet ensures a watertight connection between the roof surface and the drain pipe.

The outlet pipe can be extend by welding at JUAL in case the standard pipe is too short to penetrate the facade of the building.

Pipe and assembly ring is made from acid proof stainless steel AISI 316 / EN 1.4401.

The flange is made from stainless steel AISI 304/EN 1.4301 for bitumen membrane, and from coated mild steel for foil membrane.

Membranes in SBS or APP bitumen as well as various foil types are Integrated from factory.

The JUAL angular outlet is not certified but is manufactured according to guide lines of DS/EN 1253. Pipes for all types of outlets are certified according to DS/EN 1124.