DrainHero Safety Parapet Outlet 160x40

Parapet Outlet, with integrated 35mm overflow ring, to safety outlet on the roof.

Safety outlet, with integrated 35mm overflow ring, from flat roofs with bitumen or roofing membrane in a low insulation layer, where the safety roof drain's pipe is desired to be led through the parapet wall/gable end.

Used with: Emergency leaf grate - Angular transition to Ø75 or Ø110 downpipe - Cover plate.
Accessories are ordered separately.

NOTE: If the standard pipe of the roof outlet is too short to be led out through the buildings facade, the pipe can be extended by a welded joint performed at JUAL.
The outlet pipe, flange, and 35mm overflow ring are made of acid-resistant, stainless steel AISI 316/EN 1.4401. Flanges with integrated roofing membrane are made of galvanized steel.

Bitumen in SBS or APP, as well as various roofing membranes, are integrated at the factory.