Roof Flashing – for bitumen roofing

Flashing in aluminium for flat roofs and pitched roofs up to 65°

The flashing can be supplied in 4 designs that covers pitches 0-10°, 11-32°, 33-45° and 46-65°. Each of the 4 designs can be supplied as standard products with diameters from ø80 to ø1000 mm.

For flashing of pipes penetrating bitumen membranes on roofs with inclinations between 0 and 65°. A bitumen membrane is applied to the flashing's flange after this is fixed to the roof.
Flange: Perforated aluminium AW-1050, with primer
Cone: Aluminium AW-1050, black or without coating
Clamp: Aluminium AW-1050, black or without coating