Datasheet overview

Here you will find data sheets for our standard products.

The data sheets contain information about applications, materials, approvals etc. as well as relevant dimensions of the products. In case you need additional information please contact us at or +45 7683 1133.

Roof outlets
JUAL Roof Outlet

383,1 kb
Roof Outlet for fillet

382,3 kb
Bowl Roof Outlet - vertical

444,7 kb
Flex Roof Outlet

390,1 kb
570,3 kb
Roof Outlet with Flex Tube

639,1 kb
Parapet Outlet 160x40

542,1 kb
Vapour Barrier Roof Outlet

371,1 kb
Angular Roof Outlet

313,1 kb
Angular Bowl Outlet

263,3 kb
Parapet Outlet

298,6 kb
Parapet Bowl Outlet

330,4 kb
Horizontal Roof Outlet

366,0 kb
Rectangular Roof Outlet with 90° flange

631,0 kb
Safety Outlets
DrainHero Safety Parapet Outlet 160x40

593,8 kb
Safety Outlet

452,4 kb
Rectangular Outlet with plane flange

679,6 kb
Safety Drainage accessories
DrainHero Safety Leaf grate

428,5 kb
Angular Transition for parapet outlet 160x40

401,8 kb
Overflow Ring - EPDM

339,6 kb
Overflow Ring - Stainless steel

302,1 kb
MONSOON Safety Leaf Grate

599,1 kb
Top for overflow ring Ø160

300,2 kb
Leaf grates
Universal Leaf Grate

774,3 kb
Universal Leaf Grate XL

774,3 kb
Monsoon Leaf Grate

554,6 kb
Leaf grate for Parapet Outlet 160x40

394,8 kb
Lightning Leaf Grate

397,0 kb
Lightning Leaf Grate XL

397,0 kb
Wire Ball

778,2 kb
Wire Ball XL

778,2 kb
Cylinder Leaf Grate

234,2 kb
Turbine Leaf Grate

828,3 kb
Balcony Leaf Grate

749,2 kb
Horizontal Leaf Grate

451,3 kb
Horizontal Leaf Grate - Flat

531,1 kb
Insertion Grate

291,2 kb
Leaf Grate for outlet at cant strip

456,9 kb
Leaf Grate for rectangular Roof Outlet

323,5 kb
Terrace Grate

586,7 kb
Drainage accessories
Transition for rectangular roof outlet

320,3 kb
Back Pressure Seal

462,1 kb
Univeral Vapour Barrier Plate

267,1 kb
Extension Pipe

382,8 kb
Reduction Pipe

415,0 kb
Angular Pipe

417,1 kb
Heating Cable for JUAL Outlet

340,2 kb
Ridge Vent

502,1 kb
Abutment Vent

305,9 kb
Ventilation Cowl – flat roof 0°

368,8 kb
327,0 kb
Ventilation cowl 6° slope

294,1 kb
Ventilation Cowl – pitched roof 11-55°

410,7 kb
392,5 kb
Ventilation Cowl in aluminium
- for bitumen

183,6 kb

209,1 kb
Aluminium Sub Roof Vent

374,4 kb

356,2 kb
Soil Pipe Ventilation - Double pipe

531,3 kb
368,9 kb
Soil Pipe Ventilation - Insertion

310,6 kb
295,2 kb
Soil Pipe Ventilation Top

360,8 kb
Soil Pipe Ventilation Insert

372,0 kb
272,2 kb
JUAL Rat Guard

414,7 kb
JUAL Flashing
- for bitumen

181,2 kb
Flat Roof Flashing with bitumen

312,1 kb
Roof Flashing – for bitumen

476,0 kb
442,7 kb
436,5 kb
430,6 kb
Cable Flashing Ø90 with detachable top

281,2 kb
Cable Flashing Ø50

389,0 kb
Cable Flashing Ø50 Black

389,0 kb
Cable Flashing for inclined roof

519,4 kb
Cable Flashing with detachable bends

349,5 kb
Cable Flashing Ø160

220,7 kb
Adaptive Flashing

593,8 kb
Membrane Bushing

760,4 kb
Universal Vapour Barrier Plate

267,1 kb
Console System
Console System, single layer

504,2 kb
Console System, double layer

488,5 kb
Flashing Profiles
Roofline Parapet System

1.529,6 kb

3.471,4 kb
Inspection Chamber

481,1 kb