Soil Pipe Ventilation Insert

JUAL Soil pipe vent insert is installed in vents with DN-diametres from ø50 to ø110 mm and is covered by a square JUAL ventilation cowl. This ensures a uniform appearance when square JUAL cowls are also used elsewhere on the roof.

For insertion into the soil pipe and in a JUAL vent cowls (200 mm x 200 mm) in aluminium, zinc or stainless steel, for flat roof as as well as for pitched roof. The purpose of using ventilation inserts is to ensure a uniform appearance of all ventilation points.
Pipe: Aluminium EN AW-1050, 1,5 mm and 3,0 mm.
Flange: Aluminium EN AW-1050, 1,5 mm.

Plastigen model: PVC, 2 mm.