About us

JUAL A/S manufactures accessories for roofing and facades for the construction industries in Denmark and much of Europe. Our standard product assortment is wide and deep, and we produce large volumes of special-purpose products as well. The products are typically installed by roofers or carpenters.

We are a modern metalworking company located in Juelsminde in West Denmark, where we currently have approximately 150 colleagues. In addition, we have a sister company with 60 employees near Shanghai, China, which manufactures standard components for the factory in Denmark.

JUAL A/S was founded in the late 1960s and is now a sound, firmly established company with strong values, experienced employees, vast know-how and looking to the future and to the construction industries in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

JUAL A/S is part of JUAL GROUP A/S. JUAL Group also manages the companies JUAL China, Bygtjek A/S, Perform A/S and Fixnordic A/S.

The Products

You only need to go to one place to buy your roofing and facade accessories. JUAL has a wide and deep standard product assortment within products for drainage, ventilation, flashing, fastening, cable flashing, etc., as well as flashing profiles. Also, we are dedicated to providing custom-made products to meet customer preferences. See the house below with indications of where our products are used.

Stainless steel roof outlets for draining flat roofs comprise much of JUAL’s business. The roof outlets come in different horizontal and vertical variants and in many dimensions. The same is true of soil pipe vents, flashing, cable flashing, console systems, etc., also made of stainless steel. The common feature of all these products is that we have integrated roof membrane that makes the products watertight when they leave the factory.

Flashing profiles are another important business area for us. We have Denmark's biggest standard product assortment of flashing profiles for roofs and facades, and we annually manufacture thousands of kilometres of custom-made profiles to meet our customers’ special requests.

We continuously develop new products based on market trends or in direct cooperation with our customers. In addition to providing our own vast product assortment, we also deliver unique products to private label and OEM customers.

When you do business with JUAL...

JUAL has strong values. We have always taken pride in meeting our customers’ expectations – and then some.

You will experience the strong commitment of all our employees who will do whatever it takes to help you and fulfil your wishes. This is true if you have special requests for products, logistics solutions, documentation or anything else. We do nothing less than carry out the customer’s task.

At JUAL a promise is a promise. Over many years, we have built up a strong culture where we keep our promises. This makes us a credible, reliable partner, which our many long-standing customer relations attest to.

Business areas

In Denmark, we are market leaders in roofing and facade accessories. We primarily sell our products under our own name to wholesalers, DIY markets, major construction companies or directly to builders.

Our export customers are typically wholesalers dealing in roofing accessories, manufacturers of roofing membrane (bitumen or foil / single ply) as well as other manufacturers of building materials who integrate JUAL products into their systems.

JUAL’s history

JUAL A/S was started as a sole proprietorship in the late 1960s by plumber Svend Jørgensen. In the early 1970s, one of JUAL’s first buildings in Juelsminde in Eastern Jutland, Denmark was put into use and the company grew slowly but surely up through the 1970s and 1980s. The primary products were aluminium flashing profiles that were manufactured on traditional hand-operated bending machines.

In the 1980s, roof outlets were added to the product range and, in the early 1990s, we began to integrate bitumen and single ply roofing membrane into the products, so the roofer no longer had to make a watertight connection between the roof outlet and the roofing membrane out on the roof.

We began exporting our products in 1990. Exports were driven by roof outlets and other membrane-integrated products. We began exporting products to Norway, followed by Germany shortly afterwards. Today, export sales comprise almost half of JUAL A/S’ turnover.

In 2004, we started up our own factory in Suzhou, China, where we manufacture components that are further refined at the factory in Denmark. The factory boosted JUAL’s capacity which has contributed to our growth and it is still one of our important assets. We currently have around 60 colleagues in China.

Our growth was relatively stable in the years before and after the financial crisis. Today we are sited at three locations in the town of Juelsminde where we are approximately 125 skilled employees.

Technology and Testing Centre

We develop and test new products at JUAL’s Technology and Testing Centre. We can test the flow capacity of drainage products, the strength of safety equipment, the ease of installation of our products, durability, etc.

The centre is also designed to serve as a training facility for product training. This is where we provide both classroom and hands-on training and instruction in the use of JUAL’s product range.

In addition, the Technology and Testing Centre has a showroom where a wide range of products are installed in trial set-ups. This is where customers can be inspired and share experiences and ideas for installation and new product properties.