Revit/BIM files

Here you will find BIM files for a number of our products.

In case you need additional information please contact us at or +45 7683 1133.

Roof outlets
JUAL Roof Outlet

3.815,4 kb
Roof Outlet for fillet

1.560,9 kb
Bowl Roof Outlet - vertical

2.327,8 kb
Vapour Barrier Roof Outlet

1.769,3 kb
Angular Roof Outlet

3.860,5 kb
Angular Bowl Outlet

1.572,6 kb
Horizontal Roof Outlet

1.657,8 kb
Rectangular Roof Outlet with 90° flange

4.361,0 kb
Safety Outlets
Rectangular Outlet with plane flange

3.753,9 kb
Ventilation Cowl – flat roof 0°

1.027,2 kb
JUAL Vent Duct

1.220,0 kb
Soil Pipe Ventilation

1.973,2 kb
Soil Pipe Ventilation - Insertion

5.023,4 kb

2.755,8 kb
Cable Flashing Ø50

785,8 kb
Cable Flashing for inclined roof

416,4 kb
Cable Flashing with detachable bends

855,6 kb
Cable Flashing Ø160

466,0 kb
Flashing Profiles
Roofline Parapet System

1.481,6 kb

23.956,7 kb