If our standard product range does not meet your needs, you can order products according to your own specifications. Our flexible production setup allows us to customize products without any hassle. We do this on a daily basis with great dedication! If needed, we will gladly help clarify and specify your needs, so we can find the best solution together.


Customized products are roof and facade accessories from our standard categories that are manufactured for a specific task.

Examples of this are flashing profiles, corners, ventilation hoods or flashing in specific dimensions or made of special materials. Also, we gladly adapt dimensions and roofing membranes on our drainage products.

Customised products reduce installation time at the construction site and heighten the quality of the building project.

See examples in our photo gallery.


Whenever you need advice on materials, design, dimensions or other issues concerning customized or standard products, we are ready to help you. We have fifty years of experience and have tried almost everything in our sector.

Phone or write us and we will help you on your way.


You know what is required for your construction task and our experts know JUAL’s expertise. For complex tasks, we will gladly show up at construction sites in Denmark where we jointly measure and sketch out the best solution.

Contact us and we’ll meet you on the roof!


Phone us or send us a sketch!

We can produce products based on customers’ drawings, and in many cases a hand-drawn sketch or a phone conversation is all we need. Theoretically, nothing is too big, too small or too special. JUAL employees know their trades and like to be challenged.