Your expertise in your own market together with JUAL's capacity and competences form a strong combination. Together, we develop products that match your market's needs and are optimized with JUAL's knowledge of function and manufacturing.

Building standards and traditions differ from one country to another and, as a supplier of the European roofing and facade industry, we are constantly engaged in dialogue with customers on new solutions.

In the development phase, we can provide drawings, material selections, prototypes, testing at our own technology centre, product maturation, and much more besides.


For more than half a century, JUAL has been building up a strong name with high branding value. This is particularly true in Denmark and the other Nordic countries, but also in the roofing and facade industries in the rest of Europe.

The JUAL brand is synonymous with a reliable, flexible and solution-oriented partner who delivers quality products.


Besides marketing our company under our own name, we deliver private-label products to leading suppliers of building materials for roofs and facades in much of Europe.

Distributors and manufacturers with their own strong brands market high-quality products from JUAL where packaging and labels match the rest of their product range.

By engaging in dialogue, we create solutions that generate the most value for every single customer.


As a reliable partner, JUAL delivers OEM solutions which our customers use in their own unique systems and product ranges.

These can be facade profiles that are included in the customer’s facade system or they can be roofing accessories that meet the customer’s unique requirements for materials and function. This is exemplified by drainage, ventilation or flashing products using a specific roofing membrane or products that are custom-made to meet the customer’s own specifications.

Flexible logistics

“Flexibility” is a recurring theme at JUAL. Also when it comes to logistics. Our set-up and logistics approach is based on knowing that each customer has different needs for us to meet.

To be more specific it can mean that, under the right circumstances, we can keep the customer’s materials, semi-manufactures or finished products in stock to ensure high reliability of supply. And naturally, we pack and send the products according to customer preferences.

No order is too big or too small. We handle all order sizes with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.