Roof Flashing with shapeable material

JUAL offers this range of roof flashings for chimneys and ventilation pipes penetrating pitched roofs with roof tiles, corrugated sheets etc. The shapeable flashing material will fit any type of profiled roof.

The roof flashing is available in three designs: 11-32°, 33-45° and 46-65°. Each design can be supplied for standard pipe diameters ranging from ø80 to ø1000 mm.

This type of roof flashing is used for pipes penetrating pitched roof with roof tiles, corrugated sheets or other profiled roof types. The flashing material is pre-installed on the cone and can be shaped to fit the profile of the roof.
Shapeable flashing material: Perform
Cone and clamp: Aluminium AW-3105, thickness 0,6 mm, precoated with black heavy-duty powder coating with a structure.